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Connected to dreams of perfection and to freedom to innovate, the Maison naturally create great wines that concentrate and transpose the energy of ...
Connected to dreams of perfection and to freedom to innovate, the Maison naturally create great wines that concentrate and transpose the energy of their Ay Grand Cru terroir. Learning from the experience of History without fear of revolutions, Pinots Noirs and Chardonnay grape varieties are only revealed in the heart of noble materials: Argonne oak casks, terracotta or sandstone.

Without any stainless steel and with the minimum of interventions and sulphur, their creative and natural winemaking process leads their wines as closely as possible to the truth of the terroir and of the grape varieties.
Nestled in the village of Aÿ in France, the Domaine Henri Giraud, described by Robert Parker as ‘the greatest Champagne you’ve never heard of’ sprawls across 10 hectares of the Giraud family’s vineyards. The estate is run by 12th generation owner Claude Giraud and this under-the-radar gem is driven by a philosophy of heritage, quality and integrity, and above all a commitment to the sustainability of the Argonne Forest.
“The greatest Champagne you’ve never heard of" - Robert Paker, The Wine Advocate
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Possessing a rich historical past, Aÿ was known for its sparkling wines as far back as the Middle Ages, and this hillside village owes its reputation to French King Henri IV, who used to introduce himself as “His majesty of Aÿ and Gonesse, the Lord of good wine and good bread”.

A winegrower village for 2000 years, Aÿ is also the birthplace for Champagne, and the presence of famous brands and talented vignerons in the village today attests to the fact that Aÿ is not only an exceptional terroir, but also an important village in the champagne region. One of the rare 17 villages to be classified as Grand Cru in the Champagne region, with its famous hillside overlooking the village is the kingdom of the Pinot Noir grape variety, the Champagne landscapes are now listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.
The House of Henri Giraud is focused on sustainability and the protection of natural resources, including the Argonne forest. Coupled with the rich family history in the region and their use of casks made from local oak, the Domaine has pledged and made a commitment to responsible farming by ceasing the use of helicopters to treat their vines. They are also working closely with the French Forestry Commission (ONF) to promote the replanting, care and sustainable development of the Agronne forest.
Characterized by a passion for the wine, the vines and the land, Henri Giraud is the only Champagne house to use barrels locally sourced from the Argonne forest in their ageing process. These oak barrels was used by winemakers in Champagne many moons ago, but had been completely abandoned since 1950.

Claude Giraud believes that “There are no great wines of history without great forests.”, and using oak from the local forest adds unique dimensions and characteristics to the wine. After 25 years of research, he rebuilt and certified these Argonne oak barrels in the purest tradition, resulting in the bold, elegant and woody flavour found in Henri Giraud champagnes.
With the hand-embedded clip as a sign of its authenticity, the Multi Vintage is the founding cuvée of the new Giraud history, a symbol of a return to excellence and the origins of Champagne. A guardian of Champagne knowhow and natural modernity combines traditional craftsmanship and modern winemaking techniques, while keeping in mind the period when the great families of Champagne built the region’s history on the genius of its people and its wines.