Who is PIVENE?
PIVENE is a luxury wine & spirits business that leverages a highly curated suite of products and services to elevated trade businesses, discerning private clients and corporate enterprises operating in the luxury community.

PIVENE is driven by service excellence as well as the provision of ‘best-in-class’ sourcing, storage and delivery of all its goods and services.
How often is the portfolio updated, and how is it selected?
The PIVENE portfolio is perpetually updated but remains constantly curated by a specialist team of Michelin-star Sommeliers and industry experts. We choose only to work with the finest suppliers, the most engaging and interesting of brands choose products that reflect out overall approach to L'Art de Vivre, which means "The Art of Living".
Do you have a physical store?
No. PIVENE is a Singaporean based operation that distributes wine, sprits and services directly to Trade, F&B and Corporate partners as well as undertaking Direct to Consumer (D2C) operations via www.pivene.com.


What is the shelf life of the wines and spirits?
All sealed wine and spirits are shelf-stable when stored in a cool, dark place. Wine is, however a living, breathing entity so careful cellaring of more expensive items is highly recommended.

There is no definitive 'shelf life' for wine, but sommeliers can help advise how long certain wines can be cellared.

Once opened, spirits tend to have a much longer 'lifespan' than wine. However, even wine can, in certain instances, reward after a few days of being opened.
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How should I store my wine or spirit?
Generally, wines are very sensitive liquids. This, combined with Singapore's climate, means that careful attention to storage temperatures must be adhered to.

Red wines are robust and slightly more resistant to heat than whites, thus the ideal storage temperature for such ranges from 10 – 15ºC. White wines can also be kept at this same temperature range, or at a slightly cooler temperature, ranging from 7 – 10 ºC.
I couldn't find a particular wine in your store, are you able to source for and bring it in?
At PIVENE, we are always happy to discover new wines and always more than willing to try and find these for you. Should there be an interesting wine that you're after, contact our sommelier team via the 'Contact Us' link and we will endeavour to see what we can do.
How accurate is the stock availability?
The stock level shown against each of our items is based on our live 'centralised inventory system'. It should always be up-to-date and the number of products marked as 'available' should be current and correct. Occasionally however, mistakes do happen but for the most part, the number shown should reflect the true stock availability.
What is the legal age to buy products from your store?
The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years old. This means that only those aged 18 and above will be able to buy and/or consume alcoholic beverages. This applies to the purchase and consumption in premises licensed to sell alcohol (such as restaurants and supermarkets) and also online, from e-commerce stores, such as www.pivene.com.


What modes of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayNow, Bank transfer
What should I do if my payment was declined?
If your payment is declined, or you experience any problem in the checkout process, please contact us. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your bank or credit card issuer for more information.
How do I use my offer code?
Any types of promotional codes that you may wish to use on the site can be added at the checkout, prior to payment being made. Simply enter the 'code', and the discounted total or offer price should then be reflected in the new total prior to completing your transaction.


What are your shipping rates?
We currently only ship within Singapore. We do not ship internationally.

For all orders 200 SGD and above, delivery is free. For all orders below 200 SGD, the delivery fee is 25 SGD.
What are your available shipping timeslots?
We generally operate two shipping timeslots.

A morning slot between 10am-2pm and and afternoon slot between 2pm-6pm
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Are you able to ship at a specific time instead of a timeslot?
One of the two shipping timeslots can be selected (10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm). Either slot can be selected from 'next working day' onwards for maximum of a 2 week period.
What is the cut-off time for same-day shippings?
We do not currently offer same day delivery. In most cases, orders will be packed and shipped and delivered 'next day'.
Do you ship on public holidays?
Currently, we do not ship on Public Holidays or Weekends.
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Do you ship to multiple addresses?
At the present time, we do not ship to multiple addresses. However, if there is a specific requirement that sits outside our usual delivery terms and conditions, please don't hesitate to contact us. The PIVENE team will always endeavour to find a solution.
Can I change my shipping timeslot after my order has been submitted?
If you need to change or alter the details of the your delivery - be it time or date, please contact us directly using either the 'Contact Us' button or via the 'Live Chat' option.
Can I track the delivery of my order?
We don't currently offer an 'Order Tracking' service, however we control all deliveries with our own in-house fleet of drivers, so can easily check the status of orders for you. Simply use the 'Contact Us' button or use the 'Live Chat' option.
What happens if I'm not in when my order arrives?
If you are not at home when your order arrives our delivery drivers will endeavour to leave the items in a safe, secure and dry place. If there are significant problems in achieving this our drivers will refrain from leaving the ordered items. We will aim to contact you should there be any problems with deliveries however you should advise of any potential issues when placing your order.
Do you provide self-collection?
Yes. You can choose to self collect your items rather than have them delivered. Simply select the 'Pick Up' at checkout. Pick up times are in line with our trading hours.

Order Issues

Where is my order?
If you need to find out the status of your order please contact us directly using either the 'Contact Us' button or simply by using the 'Live Chat' option.
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Can I cancel my order after I've placed it?
Yes, of course. In order to do this you will need to contact us directly. Either use the 'Contact Us' button or simply use the 'Live Chat' option
Can I amend my order after I've placed it?
Yes. To do this please contact us directly as soon as possible after your order has been placed. You will need to contact us directly either via the 'Contact Us' button or via the 'Live Chat' option.
What should I do if I'm missing an item from my order?
If there are any discrepancies with your order please inform us immediately. Upon receipt of your delivery check the contents before signing the delivery note. Should there be any issues, raise these with the delivery driver and contact us immediately.
What should I do if I've received an incorrect item in my order?
At the time of your delivery please check the contents to ensure they correspond with the delivery note. If there is are any incorrect items please notify the delivery driver and mark these on the delivery note. Additionally, please contact us via the Contact Us button or via the 'Live Chat' option.

Returns & Refunds

What is your return policy?
We do not offer a returns policy on any of our items. If you are unsatisfied or unhappy with your purchase, or if there is a mistake with your order, please use either the 'Contact' button or the 'Live Chat' option to contact us directly.
Do you provide refunds?
No. We do not currently provide refunds. Should you have an issue with anything that you've ordered please contact us directly using the Contact button or via the 'Live Chat' option.
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How do I return something to you?
If you wish to return an item to us please contact us directly in the first instance. You can do this by using the 'Contact' button or via the 'Live Chat' option.
Can I return an item for an exchange instead of a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not offer and exchange policy or a refund policy at this time. If you have any issue with your order please use the 'Contact' button or 'Live Chat' option to contact us directly.


Do you have gift vouchers?
We don't currently have or issue 'Gift Vouchers'. We will however, from time to time run specials and offers where unique offer 'codes' will be issued that can be redeemed against certain promotions.
Do you provide gift wrapping services?
We currently don't operate a "gift wrapping" service. However, all orders will be perfectly packed and delivered in a bespoke PIVENE box. Certain wine items are already wrapped and certain spirit items are also come in gift boxes. We will endeavour to identify where and when these items are packed in such ways.
I would like to send a surprise gift, what contact number should I list down?
In the case of gifting and, as the purchaser of the item or items, it is always preferable to list your own contact number.

The recipients delivery address can be submitted for us to satisfy the order but it is best if we have the purchasers contact details (should any issues arise).
My order is a gift, could you please leave out the receipt?
Sure thing! In the order instructions/remarks, if the items purchased are marked 'for a gift' then no pricing information will be submitted with the delivery.

We are required to issue a DO (Delivery Order) but this will merely state the recipients delivery details and the items being delivered.
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Do I need to create an account to purchase from you?
There is an option for you to checkout as ‘Guest’, but creating an account with us is simple to do, and it allows you to order easily without having to fill in your details every time you shop with us.
How do I create an account?
Creating an account couldn't be any easier! Simply click on the “Account” icon and sign up using your email address to register your details. An account will be established immediately and allow you to continue shopping.

Alternatively simply add your purchases to your cart and create your account prior to checkout.
I'm having trouble signing into my account
If you're experiencing any issues logging into your account firstly try to reset the password. A password reminder can be sent to your registered email address.

If you continue to experience problems reach out to us directly using the 'Contact Us' button or via the 'Live Chat' option.