• Henri Giraud, Argonne Ay Grand Cru (Cuvee Collection) 2002 1500ml

Henri Giraud, Argonne Ay Grand Cru (Cuvee Collection) 2002 1500ml

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Robert Parker 94
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The first word that comes to mind in tasting Giraud’s 2002 Brut Argonne – which, as its name suggests, was initially raised in new Argonne oak barrels – is “sumptuous.” I cannot recall having previously tasted such an envelopingly and almost thickly rich Champagne. The selection of Ay Pinot Noir chosen here is more than capable of subsuming any overt influence that new oak might otherwise have bestowed on it. Lightly baked apple, quince, and marzipan inform the nose and silken, expansive, plush palate, accompanied by subtly resinous and smoky black tea. The combination of breadth, textural allure, and fine yet intensely active mousse is spine-tinglingly impressive, striking its balance between vinosity and effervescence at a remarkable high energy level. Hints of salt and iodine add interest, local color, and saliva-inducement to a powerful finishing wave of fruit and nut essences. I suspect one will be rewarded for following this 8-10 years down the pike; though I confess to lack of directly relevant experience.

Light Bold
Dry Sweet
Reserved Intense
  • Green Fruits
    Flavours may include:
    Apple, Pear
  • Stone Fruits
    Flavours may include:
    Peach, Apricot, Plum
  • Dried Fruits
    Flavours may include:
    Prune, Fig, Raisin
  • Tea
    Flavours may include:
    Eucalyptus, Mint, Jasmine
  • Nutty
    Flavours may include:
    Almond, Chestnut, Coconut
  • Toast
    Flavours may include:
    Toast, Coffee, Smoke
  • Woody
    Flavours may include:
    Cigar, Oak, Pine, Wet Woods
  • Spice
    Flavours may include:
    Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Liquorice
Pivēne's Words
The greatest champagne you've never heard of' Robert Parker
Pivēne's Words
Drink Guide
Appreciating wine can be enhanced even further if its stored and served correctly.

Wine, for the most part, is a peculiar beverage and everything form the way the bottle is stored, to the way its opened; the way the cork is pulled, the decanter thats used and the glass its served in, can have an immense effect on the outcome.

The sommeliers of PIVENE recommend the following for how to get the best out of this wine;

How to Enjoy

Serving Temperature
8°C to 10°C
Decant Time
Ready to Drink
Decant Type
Not Applicable
Food Pairings
Fish, Spicy Food
Cuisine Recommendations
French, Japanese

Henri Giraud, Argonne Ay Grand Cru (Cuvee Collection) 2002 1500ml

2,619 SGD 2,910 SGD

Henri Giraud, Argonne Ay Grand Cru (Cuvee Collection) 2002 1500ml

2,619 SGD 2,910 SGD


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