• Kvetna 1794, Auriga Universal 540ml - Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth

Kvetna 1794, Auriga Universal 540ml - Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth

146 SGD

This set includes:
2 x Kvetna 1794, Auriga Universal Glassware 540ml
1 x PIVENE Wine Cloth

KVĚTNÁ 1794 – Auriga Collection

Treat yourself to an extraordinary sommelier experience. 100% hand blown, these meticulously designed glasses accentuates the aroma and taste of the wines, allowing its best characteristics to stand out with each sip.

Its glass melt composition contains titanium which results in more durable glassware without compromising on its flexibility and lightness. In compliance to European standards, all Kvetna 1794 glasses are lead free crystal of the highest quality. Each glass produced by our inhouse glassblower is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and long lasting.

All Kvetna 1794 products are handmade, therefore each piece is unique. You may encounter minor imperfections, such as small bubbles or minor surface irregularities, which are only an evidence of handmade production and do not detract from the beauty or functionality of the product.


One of the oldest hand-made glass factories in the world dedicated to creating the world’s finest hand-blown glassware, KVĚTNÁ 1794 is located in the very heart of Central Europe. Inspired by leading designers across several eras, their collections offer an exclusive selection of classic and modern glassware. They pride themselves in their high-quality lead-free molten glass and flawless processing, as well as their contemporary and traditional approach to design. To ensure superior quality and unique craftsmanship, they apply state-of-the-art technologies to our traditional manual glassmaking methods.

Their vision is to maintain the traditional handmade production of Czech lead-free crystals in the highest possible quality by relying on quality glass, flawless workmanship, modern and traditional designs. They also frequently cooperate with leading Czech and foreign glass artists and designers. Mutual respect for craftsmanship and extraordinary experience creates a unique symbiosis between glass masters and the artists, from which new beverage and decorative collections of timeless design are created and a clear message for future generations.

Bundle - Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth
Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth
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The perfect glass where form meets function.

Kvetna 1794, Auriga Universal 540ml - Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth

146 SGD

Kvetna 1794, Auriga Universal 540ml - Set of 2 with PIVENE Wine Cloth

146 SGD


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